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lol, catlover. I am sure if dh found kitty in the act, he would have yelled, but little Lily is always one step ahead. I am not sure which one is harder to train I am certain she is getting back at him for something, and it is always the morning shower towel that she pees on- kind of funny if it wasn't so frustrating. The couch, I am sure now was exactly as you all suggested- a threat! She hasn't marked there again but I am having a hard time getting rid of the smell..any suggestions?
As for the towels, we continue to keep picking up all laundry. The rule is nothing gets left on the floor, or in a basket she can reach.
We are trying an intensive therapy of love and affection So much sadness and grief in our family lately and unfortunately kitty was the one who got left out of the little energy we had. Spring is coming and she loves to be outside so we will keep up with the praises and hope for the best. Thanks for all the advice
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