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So sorry Aries. It's so painful to lose those we love and appreciate so deeply. Know you still think of your sweet Socks and miss him.

Aries, thank you for posting your question, for Sock's sake. Also, your posting and the replies (thank you kind repliers) are helping two of us....face the death of our dear pussycat... imminently.

He's been the joy of our home, such a light and ray of sunshine, hope and pleasure, and we don't want a life without him and will miss him thoroughly and heartbreakingly, but he's going very soon and we have to help him in ways that we can. He's dying at home, but as of this afternoon he's deteriorated and has perhaps nothing or little left that he can do to fulfill himself. We think he still clings to life in a way, but we also don't want him to suffer.

So now, as we lean toward taking him to the veterinarian for euthanasia, at least we know what to consider and inquire on.

This is one area that we hadn't looked into regarding dear paws, his death via veterinarian. We've been struggling for his life, and then so recently for his dying at home.

Here's to your special Sock's, and to our special gingerpaws (Gingersnap, but he knows only KiKi and sweet tones, and then there are bunches of other fluttery loving and silly names here and there), and all those beloved wonderful animals that have been part of their families everywhere.

Partings are such sorrow, for many of us crushing. For those pets that are gone or passing, we'll never forget them, always love and adore them, and we'll miss them forever. I'll yearn for gingerbeastie for the rest of my life. May your question and the kind replies given help even more people and more pet-family members. At the least, Aries and you the kind repliers have helped us. Thank you again.
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