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You've received some good suggestions. I was just wondering if your little girl was yelled at by you or your dh when the pee was discovered. If this had happened, particularly if you had mentioned her name at the same time, this might have caused her stress. Don't use cat's name when you're reprimanding. When you have to reprimand a cat, always do it at the time it is doing the bad behaviour with a stern "No! bad!". It doesn't do any good to reprimand or yell after you've discovered the dirty deed as the cat won't connect your words with the deed. Now I don't know whether you or your dh yelled or not, but it is a natural reaction, that's why I'm wondering about it. Cats can certainly hold grudges. This marking and peeing on clothes may be her way of getting back at you for something. Try be extra loving to her when she is showing good behaviour, and see if that makes a difference.
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