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2Yr. old spayed cat with an attitude

We have a tiny 2 yr old kitty. She has been a delight up till this last few months. We had a lot of stress and grief in our home over the loss of a close family friend. Following that we had a new couch in our front room. Now the cat has reverted to peeing on the new furniture and in the bathroom, on any towel or piece of clothing she finds left there. Weird thing is, she has always been an outdoor cat. We live in a mild climate, she has a cat door and she has never shown this behavior before. My dh is ready to get rid of the cat but she is my dd special love and I want to try anything. I have the orange oxyclean pet smell neutralizer and it seems to work ok, but my gut is telling me that since this all started when the trauma started, there must be something mental going on. I have had her checked and seems to be no UTI.
The other weird thing with her is she will ONLY eat dry cat food. She will leave human food or canned cat food till it shrivels up (were I to leave it that long)
so she is a bit constipated most of the time...
frustrated...and looking for suggestions!
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