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No Hazel ...I'm so hoping by the weekend though...My Robins generally come after the Redwings and Cowbirds....Bluebirds , I had one some years ago checking out a birdhouse, but it was already occupied by Tree Swallows as it is every year. My Wrens were back again last year, so I'm hoping for that......We have so many birdhouses that Pepe has made, I'm going to get him to place a few at the back of the yard and see if there are any takers.

This morning did bring the first Chippie to the feeders....I like Chippies . Oh, last night there was an Oppusum eating the bird seed.....Iggy was barking up a storm last night around 10pm, he never barks for nothing....Ethel looked through the window and saw Oppie, she went out and took some pics with her work camera and said she will email them to me once she gets to the office. When she does I'll post them.
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