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cat destroying bedding?

So my cat likes to rip up sheets etc... she doesn't do it on purpose (so not really a behaviour problem) but she likes to play on the bed I guess and she gets stuck. So far she's ripped a giant hole in a sheet and also put holes in a down duvet & duvet cover... the sheets and duvet cover I don't care so much about but the duvet itself was expensive and is hard to sew up (not that it's okay for her to destroy the others).

We try to keep her claws short and I don't want to restrict her from the bed as this would make it even more exciting. I think my plan.. once I replace everything, will be to fold up the duvet during the day. If I was my grandmother I'd probably put a sheet of plastic over the bed, but that's not going to happen.

Does anyone have tips on how to "store" bedding, etc? There's not necessarily anything I can correct in the cat. She doesn't even know what she's doing.
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