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Originally Posted by krdahmer View Post
We don't have the money for those fancy petstore type ones, so I went to the home depot and bought three of their put it together yourself wooden shelves... they come unfinished, so I stained them, and installed them right under the window sill. They are very sturdy, which was a concern for Buddy as he's a big boy, and the cats love them, I imagine I could add something fuzzy on top of them to make it more of a napping spot, but they work perfect for bird watching and all the cats use them. They were $6 each.

Now that I see the one mona_b posted though...I have a new project for me and my dad to work on!

I was at Home depot the other day, and was thinking the same thing. I must say I am caught up in the lambs wool snuggly aspect of the more expensive ones though!
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