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Sorry, when I said cycled the water I meant that I had added the "nutrafin cycle" to the water after a water change to try and keep the good bacteria up?
Oh ok. Don't even waste your money on that stuff, it's a gimmick.

The only stuff that is proven to work is Biospira, and it is inconsistent. It has to be refrigerated and can't be used beyond a certain date (and since they don't put the date on it you don't know...)

You probably know this, but only change 1/4 of the water a week.
That's simplistic. The reason people say that is you can shock your fish, but if the water you add has the same pH and temperature as the water you're removing it's not generally a problem.
It's not uncommon for people that keep Discus to do 90% water changes daily or every couple of days. They just make sure the water being added is buffered, the exact same pH, and the exact same water temperature.
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