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Thank you for your reply.

Pinky weighs approx 7 lbs. She is not loosing or gaining weight.

I don't remember if the T4 was checked. I have put a call in to the vet to find out. I have also made her an appointment to go back in tomorrow evening. She is getting worse w/ the diahhrea.

Her kidney & liver enzymes were normal. Her kidneys are on the small side but the vet said that wasnt a problem since she is urinating fine. They checked her for bladder/kidney infection. Her water intake is still good and her she seems to be urinating okay.

Right now she is on Friskies pate' mixed grill (wet) cat food for about 1 year. It is not what I would prefer but it is all she will eat. She was on Iams her whole life until they switched their formula because of the recall and now wont touch it. She had been excessivley scratching and pulling her fur out about a year ago, so the vet said to keep her away from any fish products.

The vomiting has been going off and on now for approx 6-8 mos, but now is becoming a constant, every day or more problem. Sometimes it hairballs but mostly it is bile looking, clear and/or whatever she has decided to eat off the ground or out of the garbage cans. She dug in their the other day and got the mint floss out.

The diarhhea has been going on approx 2 wks.

Her eating of other things is all the time. Doesnt matter if she has just eaten or not. She will finish her food, go to the other cats' dishes, push them away and eat theirs and then want more. It's like she hasn't realized that she has just eaten. If we "shoosh" her away, then she just comes right back in and "begs" for more.

She does not seem to be sensitive or tender anywhere except her lower back which has always been "touchy". Even when she was a kitten.

I have put her dish on a phone book like you recommended but is too early to tell. I am not ready to give up yet though.
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