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If it were mucus, would it cause him to lick himself in the genital region excessively? Again, I don't know what's considered excessive (Rosco's my first cat and I've only had him for 3+ months) but prior to his excretion, he used to lick himself down there every evening. I just assumed it was part of his grooming ritual. I work during the day so I don't know how often he licks while I'm not there. And he hasn't been licking down there since until yesterday (saw him do it once) which is why i'm starting to get nervous again.

Again, he seems fine-- active and appetite is good. He eats raw food-- I alternate between chicken, rabbit and goat meat. He was on goat meat when the incident occurred. I don't recall what meat he was eating the first time he excreted (about a month ago?)
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