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You have too many fish in the tank, we usually recommend two goldfish per 10 gallons of water, meaning that you should have a maximum of four fish in your 20 gallon aquarium.
That recommendation is still too many. One fancy goldfish per 10 gallons is being liberal. 4 adult fancy goldfish in 20 gallons is WAY overstocked.
On top of that these aren't fancy goldfish, they're comets, which can get to a foot long. They're really meant to be pond fish.

I have been keeping up with changing the water and I have cycled and conditioned the water each time.
I'm not sure if you understand the term cycled.
Cycling refers to the biological bacteria on the filter. Once you build enough biological bacteria on your filter media to filter out 100% of the ammonia and nitrites in your aquarium the tank is cycled.
You don't cycle water as it doesn't grow biological bacteria. They grow on surfaces (sides of your tank, gravel, plastic plants, etc., but mainly in your filter).

random note... I put a small fake plant in the tank and all of them have been staring at it for the last 3 hours.... weird..?
Not really weird. It's the only piece of cover in the tank, so they're congregating around it. Schooling fish tend to do that.
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