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Duffy went in on Wed 24th (day 10 of ABs) for a urinalysis & culture to check if the Clavamox had cleared the bacterial UTI or if she needed to be on for longer than the prescribed 14 days.

I got a call tonight from the vet, her USG has risen which is great I don't have the actual number but will get it tomorrow and the bacteria has cleared up and nothing grew in the culture .

I asked if she should continue the Clavamox until tomorrow night as that would make it the full 14 days or if she could stop with the last having been this morning (day 13 am). Dr said stopping now was good, just keep watch that it doesn't re-occur and to bring her back in 4 weeks to recheck her urine just to be sure, plus that will test her USG again which was quite low w/the UTI.

Often conventional vets will put a CRF cat on a course of 4-5 weeks of antibiotics to clear up a UTI instead of the usual 2 weeks to ensure there is no relapse infection as the bacteria found in UTI go through a dormant stage often returning as a relapse. I think the Phos remedy Duffy was given should take care of that as it had also started working right away & remedies are long acting correcting the imbalances at the root of the issue.

Duffy has also gained 0.3kg in the week & a half since her ultrasound which is great . She's currently at 5.3kg / 11.68lbs, she is a bit chubby but it's a better weight for her than 5kg, plus it gives her a bit of wiggle room should she lose a bit of weight again, she is also still eating great. It is so hard for most CRF cats to gain any weight at all & they just get thinner & thinner as they eat less & less
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