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My vet likes to neuter at 8 months old and that's when my cats were done.I have three males and I think Chico and Rocky are gay Chico will entice Rocky to go after him and Rocky will grab him by the neck,just like he would a female,but I had that happen with other cats,so I guess they grab what they have
Rocky also has a problem with spraying(or I should say I do)..He is now on an anti-anxiety drug,mostly because he attacked me in a crazy moment(twice in 2yrs),seeing another cat in HIS backyard and I ended up in the ER with a bad infection.
Lucky told me it is called displaced aggression,or something like it.
So,we'll see what the drug does,if it helps.Since he is not a pill-cat,I have a gel to put in his ear,easy and covenient and not causing to much stress on he is,looking anything but stressed
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