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Talking i want a rock as a pet

So manda goes for walk while du is waiting for dinner.. i come in and callie wants in mama wants out manda wants to hang on the awning du sits down in the bederoom and wont come to her dish till i put callies down so du can bully her and see what she is eating

fine! i'll feed du and callie in the bedroom manda jumps in and proceeds to her food which mama ate before so, ha ha

du come out has to see what mandas eating ok then I get du's bowl from the bed room and give her a taste callie comes out having finished and wants to play put callie in the bedroom shut the door

sweet talk and pet manda and sit by her as she eats cause now she wants company du meanwhile goes to the bedroom door cause its closed

my next life will have a rock as a pet maybe a cricket that about it though
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