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Haipanda, I'm glad you are having a good experience with your training class. I think no matter if you learn any training at all the socialization for a puppy would be beneficial. Personally I don't think their staff are well trained and would not use them for "Training". I did adopt one of my dogs from a Petsmart store many years ago, but chose not to train with them.

My largest concern over your post would be a concern of the nutrition information they are giving you. If they are trying to sell you a product that they carry in their store I'd be cautious and make sure to do my homework thoroughly in searching out the info. They sell a lot of garbage dog food at Petsmart, and I'm certain that one of their objectives is to get you to buy it. I think if you search this website's food threads you'll learn a lot more valuable information on nutrition that you will from Petsmart. Just my .

But please, don't take this wrong, good on you for doing what you are doing. Any and all training is beneficial.
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