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Originally Posted by Vinss View Post
Thanks Bina.

Why do you say to never trust the ferret around the lizard, will it attack/eat it? my Sudan plated is in a terrarium the ferret cannot reach, but I'm just curious/alarmed by the risks.

i switched to live food because I was told by the chief of the reptile department at my job (pet shop) that Sudan plated lizards' diet was crickets and that the fruit I was feeding it could be harful to it (soft citrus), also, he refused to eat the fruit for days.
Whenever we keep pets we need to remember what an animal's natural instincts are.....Ferrets can be amazing and fun, but I have seen a real sweet ferret suddenly turn and jump through the air to attack an African grey parrot that was just sitting there minding his own business... It was shocking, but these things happen in a split second.
Even a covered terrarium can be opened by a crafty ferret with some time on his hands.
If the tank is not successfully opened, the stress on the lizard may be too much to deal with anyway.
Our pets should feel safe and secure with us and then we will be rewarded in return with a great companion.
Please have pets spayed and neutered,
and wearing a collar with an ID tag.
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