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Question post-op Sheltie leaking poop

hello everyone!

I'm looking for some second opinions I guess. Benny is my 13 yr old sheltie and we just had him at the vet to get rid of some abcessed teeth and a small tumor around his anus (hepatoid/ perianal tumor).

at first we noticed nothing concerning poo because he was reluctant to move around too much. Since he has started being more like himself we have noticed little smears of poo throughout the house.

apparently with this type of tumor, I guess it is close to nerves that can cause fecal incontinence. Because he also had some teeth removed, he has also been on a diet of strictly soft food for a few days. I am thinking this condition may be a result of his rapid diet change as opposed to sugical trauma, but i'm really not sure.

The vet also said there may be some leaking. We assumed she was talking about pus and such....but maybe this was meant as well?

I'd love some opinions. I'm trying to ease my mind slightly. He's on the mend though! It's been a difficult few post op days. But my Benny is on his way back!
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