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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Helen, is there a list of all the municipalities in Quebec where pounds still use gas chambers?

You know, we pay for this. We're responsible for this. And only we can fix this.
FUnny you should ask as I have been trying to get this information. Anima Quebec will not release this information because THEY DON'T KNOW,nor do they care.

Remember when I pulled the 50+ out from a pound in St-Lin??? Well - things are still at a stand still...even with the media coverage.

The government, our HS and Anima Quebec is not interested in even trying to answer the questions. (BTW - there are even SPCA's apparently (one I am still trying to get info on) that are gassing). Unfriggenreal!

I can provide you with some very interesting info if you e-mail only.
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