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In late January Duffy had been showing some signs of a UTI just 2 weeks before her scheduled 3 month kidney recheck on 7 Feb so in for a visit she went, UTI confirmed through urinalysis and a culture & sensitivity test, given her history of kidney disease the lab vet had questioned the possibility of pyelonephritis (kidney infection). Pyelonephritis can happen as a result of, among other causes, a bacterial UTI ascending into the kidneys. Pyelonephritis is a bit tougher to overcome than a UTI but far more so for one with already compromised kidney function. She was given a homeopathic remedy of Phosphorus which started working right away, as the next morning she was no longer peeing little bits every ten minutes Within a week and a half she was only showing a couple of signs that the UTI was still present.

A few days later during Duffy's 3 month kidney check we ran bloodwork and another urinalysis with a culture if indicated, the inflammation showed as still present so a C & S was done again and the lab vet still had the question of pyelo, with an ultrasound as the only way to diagnose. Once the lab results came in & I spoke to my homeopathic vet, he mentioned again having the ultrasound done and I got his recommendation for the antiboitic he would use of the 5-6 the E. Coli was shown to be sensitive to. The amount of bacteria present was still listed as the same but the WBC in the urine had dropped significantly (from 40-60 down to 3-6) after the remedy.

Since being on Azodyl starting December 2009 Duffy's blood kidney numbers have dropped nicely BUN went from 17 in Nov to the current 13 *she's only 0.5 above the high normal for this lab 5-12.5* and her Creatinine (which is the one that is harder to get to drop because it is not affected by diet, stress or dehydration) went from 243.4 in Nov to the current 235 (ref for this lab is 83-181)

Her USG number can't be considered accurate at this point because of the urinary inflammation as that affects the reading.

Also urinary inflammation with sepsis a "generalized inflammation" noted in the comments, which is reflected in the ultrasound results below.

I got her for an ultrasound in the day after getting the tests results in, the good news is there is no indication of pyelonephritits , definate inflammation in the urethra (UTI). There is also some localized thickening/inflammation in the ileocolic (beginning of the colon) region which will need to be watched for the very early potential for cancer - but it is not right now. As well her pancreas, liver and gallbladder are showing some signs of mild inflammation. Mild chronic changes in her kidneys, but they look pretty good overall. She'll go in for a repeat ultrasound in 2-3 months to check on the status of the various points of inflammation & progression of the kidneys etc.

After the ultrasound they didn't even bother to offer a litterbox as they all know by now Duffy won't use the one in clinic. I took her outside on leash & harness to the lot to go, there was a guy walking across the parking lot & asked "how is kitty today" so I said "she's doing pretty good" I was a bit surprised when Duffy walked towards & right upto him & stretched her nose up to say hi He then complimented her on her colouring & went on his way, after which she did find an acceptable spot to pee

Duffy was given a remedy of Thuja which is good for cancer, I have also found out that it is good for urinary inflammation among other things. I also asked for a prescription for Clavamox, the antibiotic that was recommended by my vet for the UTI to ensure the bacteria doesn't rise into her kidneys in the near future. Unfortunately the vet (not my regular) who called in the script to the pharmacy didn't know it comes in pill form - as a vet working with homeopathy as a primary modality antibiotics are not often used, so I got raspberry/orange flavoured liquid Clavamox to give Duffy. Duffy being the she is, is tolerating it remarkably well providing I syringe it directly down her throat, not into her mouth (which causes profuse foaming, drooling & vomiting) & of course I must treat profusely afterwards

A note to anyone who has to give antibiotics to their cat, it doesn't matter how hard your cat is to pill - trust me the kid-flavoured liquids will be a far worse experience for them, unless your cat is really weird .

There are no contra-indications of using the combination of homeopathic remedies along with antibiotics so she has both modalities working for her right now. Duffy's on Clavamox for 14 days with a repeat urinalysis at day 10 (next Wed) to check if the bacterial infection is cleared up . If not we'll likely repeat a remedy and extend the Clavamox prescription.
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