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I appreciate your advice. I have little more info to share with you. I have been searching the posts and ran across the 'inside/outside' cat post. My kitties are inside/outside' kitties. I have a small doggie door that they enter and leave whenever they please. They do 'their business' outside in 'my' flower beds or in grass piles that I have around my trees. We are on an acre of land. Everyone who has a dog has a fence to keep them in. (trying to pass a law where dogs cannot be kept on a lease or chain in a yard!!!! Thats sooo crewel) Anyway my 3 kitties are fixed, all males, they stay close to home...they may visit the neighbors to get petted but they are usually in 'electric can opener' shot and come running when its supper time. We live in south Alabama. We just had a bad hurricane in September and some of the houses close by got their skirting blown away....anyway....when I was brushing my 'pershee man' (Persian mix) I found a clump of insulation. We just had a cold snap from 70 degree weather to 23 last night. Maybe my kitty has insulation in his lungs???????????There are several mobile homes here and I'm thinking he has crawled up into the insulation to stay warm. I know how insulation can effect our lungs....what do ya think....still upper respiratory infection??
Thanks again for your time.
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