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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post

Chris, if you can get more pics of your hawk, you know we won't mind too much if you post them And maybe we can confirm what species you're seeing
More pics you say ...first I have to get one. I haven't seen her/him for a couple of days for which I'm glad, but I would like to pinpoint which species it is.....I don't understand why I don't get any Purple Finches .

I saw four of the Wild Turkey bunch this morning in the field across the street....I need a decent camera, once I had located where Pepe had left my binnies (on top of the pinball machine ), I took a lookie and boy those birds are big, alas Turkey season will be starting soon

Winston, Hazel is right (again ) if you can put the suet in a more open area, they will come. Trying to outfox Squiggies, good luck
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