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convenia reaction?

My first post here, hope it gets through.

My old neutered male, about 11-12, is very laid back. He loves being outside in good weather but stays inside when it's cold or raining. He's trained to go to the door when he needs out to use the bathroom and since we do not use a litter box inside, if he has an emergency in the night, he hops in the bathtub.

Our neighborhood has a few feral males that do roam and sometimes my cat encounters one of them. Last Thursday, he was limping just a bit and excessively licking his right foreleg. I took him to the vet and sure enough, there was a puncture wound and the old boy had a fever. It was abcessed.

The vet, whom I like a lot, kept him overnight, lanced the infection and gave him a shot of convenia. I picked him up Friday and he spent the rest of that day plus all day Saturday sleeping. When he did wake up, he was a little shakey on his legs. He did not want to eat or drink but I wasn't concerned too much because we had real bad weather all day, drizzly rain.

On Sunday, he was not any better although the area of surgery was healing very nicely. Old Garney was even more wobbly. Monday I took him back in as he was not urinating or defecating and he could not stand up on all fours. It was as if he could not control his two front legs

He did manage to urinate in the vet's office and the vet was able to do a culture. Blood in the urine. Since Garney already had the convenia in him the vet said it would work for the urinary problem. He also gave him a shot of metacam and sent us home with oral of that same med.

Tuesday, today, Garney's front legs are totally useless, he falls over frontwards when he does try to stand. He's not interested in going to his food bowl but when I took it to him, he did eat some. Same with water. I've been using a syringe which he takes but he cannot raise his head enough to actually eat or drink. He cannot get up enough to move around and he tries to scoot using his back legs but they are very weak too.

I did get a litter box for him and he used it for urine but still has not had a BM. Course, he's not eating more than a couple of tablespoons. Now, tonight, he cannot sit to use the box and I'm afraid he's going to die. It's as if he is paralyzed in the legs. He moves his tail and head.

Could he be having a reaction to the convenia?? Sorry this is so long...I just wanted to get all 6 days in. He was OK except for the abcessed bite wound which was treated, and is still healing really well. Started getting shakey on Saturday. He walked at first like he was a staggering drunk!! Now can't walk at all.
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