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By nature cats are nocturnal, and can sleep 18 out of 24 hrs., but a lot of our pets will adjust their schedule to ours, and some of the more active breeds like Siamese, Abys and Rexes don't sleep that long. When the hormones are raging as is the case with your boy, sorry but the evening serenade is to attract the girls, and will stop after he's neutered. If you have a carrier you could put him in at night with a small litter pan. This might calm him down, but he's a talkative fellow, so may not.

Your best bet is to get him as tired as possible just before you go to bed by playing vigourously with him and get him to do lots of running around by throwing him toys or dragging something around behind you. You might also try Bach's Rescue Remedy the non-alcohol for Pets as it has a mild sedative effect) and give him some just before you go to bed. Health food stores carry it, possibly Wal-Marts.
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