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What a way to start the day ....slow but sure, I got 'em all kidding Hazel, some of your pics are worthy of being in a Bird ID book, far better and clearer for identifying markings than some of the pics I see in said books .

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Might be an adult, Chris. The backs are more of a charcoal in adult plumage.

It was the lack of speckles on the chest that had me doubting, s/he didn't come around yesterday, that I noticed anyway....I hope IT stays away, I like to see them but not on my watch
Originally Posted by Winston View Post

I just went out and bought one of those suet holder thingy's...and some suet...looks just like how long before I see some of those LBB's! ?

I hope you are lucky enough to see an LBB on your suet Winston, I find that LBB's are not big fans of it .
Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post

...and one of my favorite species, the Brier Bird.

You had me going on this one Hazel until the pic downloaded .....I thought wtf is a Brier Bird,
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