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Question Un neutered male cat keeping me and my son up at night

I have a male cat named Khai lan (We thought he was a female when we first got him which is why he has a girls name) he is almost 7 months old and set to get neutered in a month. He has always been a very talkative cat. He talks and sings all the time. He's not neglected and is very healthy he just likes to meow alot.

Over the past couple of months he has been up all night meowing and howling. He purposely goes into my two year old son's room and wakes him up my meowing or nudging his face and then he will come into my room and do the same thing. We aren't getting enough sleep! So a couple days ago I adopted a female cat named Noel (who is spayed and the same age as him) in the hopes that if he had company he wouldn't be waking us up at night. They get along great (other than when he tries to mount her. Then she just flips him over and hisses) so I had hoped that we would get more sleep. Instead he is still meowing all night! He meows during the day too but I don't mind that. He has clean fresh water and fresh food and clean litter box and lots of toys. I spend lots of time playing with both cats during the day hoping it will wear them out.

I'm assuming that he is acting this way because he is hitting puberty and wants a female to mate with. I can't get him neutered for a month though. Is there any way that I can get him to stop waking us up all night? I live in an apartment with two bedrooms. I can't shut him in with my son or me because that will still keep us up and the bathroom is next to my son's room so if he continues meowing it will still wake him up. I'm at a loss for what to do!
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