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Originally Posted by cat hater View Post
Put it in a crate! Mine shuts right up even in the middle of horny howling heat! ...Why do you all let your cats run your life? ... Our cat is 9 months old and has been crated at night EVERY night...when she's in heat she won't run around the house at night, howl and knock crap over...Geez people get a clue!...
Welcome to I think if you read this thread, and others like it, carefully you will find that most of the members are referring to cats who go into heat while waiting to get spayed. Given that your cat is 9 months she can safely be spayed. That should get rid of that pesky "horny howling" not to mention the possibility of an unwanted litter of kittens and many potential health problems related to being intact.

Being responsible pet owners/ guardians and animal lovers in general, we are a very strong spay and neuter forum.
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