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From what I've heard it really depends on which store you go to and who you happen to get as your trainer. Unfortunately if you are a neophyte at training yourself it's hard to judge even if you go and have a talk with them.

I observed two young girls (young teenagers who were identified as PetSmart trainers) attempting to teach a recall in a young dog some poor trusting soul had left with them. The dog didn't understand, seemed to be bored stiff and in the 15 minutes I was in the store the two girls just kept trying the same thing over and over. It didn't work, it was dreadful, and I resolved never to darken their door with my training needs.

But my friend went with her GR, got a different trainer, loved her and did well with her. It did disturb me that this trainer told her clickers were reserved for advanced training and would not be introduced till class number three. Each class being a session of 6 nights so that was not till night #13. That's ridiculous as any clicker trainer knows. My trainer started clickers right away. I view the PetSmart clicker policy of this particular trainer to be nothing more than an attempt to drag out the training and keep the money coming in.
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