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Originally Posted by mjeag
My 4 year old yorkie will not stop licking: licking his chops and other things ie the furniture, my husbands arms & hand. He has always done this a little, but lately it is constant--everytime I look at him he is licking something. He seems healthy otherwise--please advise
A friend of mine has a tiny Yorkie female named "Lexi". I have been around bunches of Yorkies and most all tend to lick...I tease the owners saying they have tongues too big for their mouths so they spool them up on a reel in the back of their throats...(ya..right), I am alway's met with a blank stare. Sooo anyways..Lexi was always lick,lick,lick,lick and she began to lick air, lick air...GEESH! Of course, to my friend, nothing could ever be wrong with her baby. She finally took her to the vet. At 18 months Lexi desperately needed a dental cleaning and 2 very rotten, very loose teeth were removed. Her licking stopped completely, except for kisses. Yorkies are the top dog I have seen with dental problems. Poodles come in second.
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