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[QUOTE=Kit Kat;883376]Hi, I'm new to this, but something similar happened to my cat.I know this might not be any help at all, and I know it's a while since you posted, and I've only just joined, but I had a very similar problem with one of my cats. When you said you'd found of cinder block this struck a cord with me. About 5 years ago my British Blue girl - Dimples started acting strangely she didn't eat her cat litter but kept licking the fireplace where I have a woodburning stove, and also she started to come out in terrible spots on her head and her coat and muscels seemed to be withering. Anyway she had every test imaginable and nothing came up even biopsy on the sores on her head was clear - the Vets didn't know what was causing it and prescribed steroids which didn't do a thing. Until one day I was in the bathroom, and I found her licking a lump of soap which was on the bath, I kept it because it was a pretty colour, and noticed that it was well and truly 'used' but not by me. I realised that Dimples had been eating it for some time. I removed it immediately and threw it out - it was Coal Tar soap (I now know very poisonous). Dimples made an almost lightening recovery, she stopped licking the fireplace and went on for another 5 years (died this Autumn). I'd recommend getting rid entirely of that cinder block, check there aren't any more or anything like it in the house. Don't think it's the cat litter think that's a symptom. It could be an allergy. Ask your Vet to check Hope this helps a bit, sorry to hear your baby is in ill:cloud9]
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