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Originally Posted by bendyfoot View Post
Can I play? I saw two white-breasted nuthatch at my feeders yesterday, a first!

Yes, yes the more the better

My regular visitors:

bazillions of chickadees
2 blue jays
a cardinal pair
hairy woodpeckers (male and female)
downy woodpeckers (male and female)
tree sparrows
and I THINK I saw finches one day, but haven't for ages.

That's about it.

We've got suet, nyjer seed and mixed seed (corn, millet, sunflower etc.), and I make my peanut-butter/seed feeders every now and then.
With the niger seed I'm surprised you are not seeing Finches, especially Goldfinches at this time of year, look very closely and see if you see a tinge of yellow.
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