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Originally Posted by Kay9 View Post
Seems to me that Pedipaws just draws out the torture. Buddy hates getting his nails trimmed, but I wouldn't even try the pedipaws because I'm sure he would hate it.

I think pedipaws is a gimmick, really.
I would have agreed with you a few months ago, but not anymore. I actually love pedi paws now and so does my dog. Obviously it won't work for everyone but it really is a useful product.

shirley1011 I know you got rid of it but I thought I throw in my two cents anyway. Who knows maybe it'll help somebody.

I have a pomeranian with a very full coat so he has fur growing everywhere. I had a very hard time with the traditional clipper because fur would always get in the way and get pulled which was painful, even when I was extra careful.

Then I noticed the pedi paws was on sale at the pet store, the staff said I can return it if it doesn't work so I bought it to try it out. Now that I have gotten a handle on things, its a very relaxed and enjoyable process. My dog will actually come to me on his own when I pick up the pedi paws. I can even better gauge how much I'm taking off to avoid the quick because my dog has black nails.

Here are some things I learned in the past few months:
  1. If you are afraid, or think you are going to cause pain, the dog will immediately pick up on it and feel uneasy and nervous. So relax.
  2. If another dog in your pack is afraid, chances are the others will feed off his fear. maybe try taking the dog in a separate room.
  3. Let the dog smell it, lick it, whatever, while the pedi paws is running. Give him treats. At first my dog was afraid of this thing when it was running.
  4. Plan on doing only one nail at a time to start with, give lots treats or praise.
  5. It's very important to use the pedi paws so that the sanding disk spins AWAY from the nail - Otherwise it will be uncomfortable or even painful for your dog
  6. Hold the dog's nail with two fingers (not with your nails, with your fingers), at the top and bottom, you have to support it, then start sanding. Again, supporting the nail will help a lot with the vibration issue.
  7. File down each nail for a few seconds at a time to avoid vibration discomfort/overheating/burning the nail, don't apply excessive pressure. I personally do 3s max.
  8. Use the pedi paws more frequently so you only sand off small bits.

That's all I can remember for now... Honestly I don't know how much of it is in the owner's manual but I hope its fresh info.

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