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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
In this thread is the pic of the Hummingbird nest
How did I ever miss that, Chris? I musta been unconscious at the time! In all my years of looking, I've yet to find a hummingbird nest in the wild... maybe this year!

That's a great catch of the hairy in flight, ownedbycats!!! Nice shot on the tree, too. I'd guess goldfinch for the owner of the nest, too--but it's just a guess. I'm not very good at nest identification.

LP, the peck cuz if they didn't, they'd have to be renamed, of course.

OK, OK, that was madame hazel being a PITA I know they peck to find food--they actually peck grubs out of the wood...they find them by listening for them And they also peck as part of their courtship ritual--in spring the males look for hollow logs or metal-clad poles to peck on because it makes them sound louder and their stacatto love messages travel farther. The pileated woodpeckers hammering on the metal guards on the power poles along the utility company right-of-way here in spring can be quite deafening at times.
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