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I've been paying much more attention to his mood when he does this. He generally does it almost like an acknowledgment. When i get up in the morning i dont talk to him (cause i take a while to wake up) i dont look at him (i wear contacts so i can't see anything until i put them in anyway) and i dont usually pet him (cause i'm on my way to put in my contacts - don't want doggy hands in my eyes) SO he usually gives me a soft little poke in the morning, i guess to say hello ?

and it does seem to happen more if he is in a playfull state. Him and the other dog will be playing and he'll run over to me and give me a poke, i guess inviting play ??

He doesnt seem at all dominat, he's almost on the verge of nervous, which i know leads to anxiety and worse, so right now me and my bf are really working on being really positive and building his confidence.

Asking him to sit or down after the poke and before petting/touching is a great idea !! it's funny how asking for a sit before meals, before coming in the door or going out are so natural, but that thought never even crossed my mind !
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