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Originally Posted by gpm88 View Post
He could sit and stare at you, which not all that bad, but it could also be considered as "challenging the alpha" and you being the alpha you don't want him to do that. Just as long as you return his stare he is the one who looks away first.
I am afraid this one gets too much press. Our dogs adore us and will come and stare into our souls for as long as they want and it is not a challenge. It is engagement and connection.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of times when an arrogant/assertive dog will try to stare you down but it is not nearly as often as a dog who will try to simply connect by looking into your eyes.

Another angle to this is people who stare at their own dogs way too much. Rather like always staring at the boy in school you had a big crush on. They feel it and it puts them up on a pedestal. The only member of the pack who gets stared at like that by everyone is the leader. It is your dogs’ job to look at you for guidance and advice, and if you are staring at him all of the time he thinks you must be looking to him for advice and he must be the leader.
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