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My cat was given a dose of Convenia last Tuesday for a cold. By last Wednesday night he was mouth breathing and dead by Thursday morning. I've cried for a week and just checked the vet's receipt to learn what exactly he was given. Convenia is for skin infections, not a respiratory infection. I think he went into a severe reaction from it. I read about Convenia's contraindications ans side effects. One of them is anaphylaxis.

I intend to go to the vet and let them get an earful from me. Not only was the cat killed, but I paid them $154 for that. The I paid another $137 to have him cremated thru that same vet's office. Not only have I been ripped off, but he's DEAD and I can't stop crying. And my birthday is tomorrow - as if it can't get more pitiful...I'm using the anger for energy.

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