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Unhappy dog touching me

Ok, i'm not even sure how to eplain this properly and i can't find anything on the internet regarding this topic. Now, i dont even want to discuss cesar milan, but he is the only reference to have made mention of this. He has talked about when a dog touches you with his nose or jumps up. He says that only the alpha can touch lower dogs, never the other way around. My 5 month old puppy "touches" both me and my bf with his nose contantly.

He does this very puposefuly, it is not an accident, he lines up and pokes with his nose dead on. On the legs, arms if your sitting, ass if your walking. Is this what Ceasar was talking about ?? is this dominance ?? it feels like it to me.. He doesnt have many other dominant traits, although he is a coon hound and seems somewhat aloof about certain things, def. not dominant.

I'm really not sure how to explain it other than, i want him to stop it because it seems like he's invading my personal space.. am i crazy ?? hopefully someones has some insight for me !! Thanks !
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