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Thanks for posting that. I'd love to give her a big donation next time I have some money .
I wish I could get some of mine adopted but as soon as you mention a cost for adoption or that the cats can not be declawed and have to be indoor only people walk away. They know there are so many around here they can get for free so why pay? :sad:
That's why I didn't take in my cats hoping to get them adopted out. That's how people are .

There are people that have otherwise good homes that want to declaw and I just won't allow that. I've seen too many cats that were traumatized by it. I'm not gonna have my cats toes amputated (which is basically what it is - I'm surprised vets don't seem to explain this to people when they want to have it done...).
Other people that expect the cats to be free (helloooo, it costs money to s/n and get shots and buy food and litter )
The amount of people that want kittens to give as a gift or to give to their little kid is ridiculous.

Anyway, end of rant. *sigh* People...
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