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Originally Posted by Bearsmom View Post
Oh my goodness, Theo is a PHOTOCOPY of our Bear at that age!!!
Could you please remind me what breed Bear is ?

Ok, just went to refresh my memory...Lab&Rottie&Mastiff (you have to get to posting more pics, Bearsmom!). Funny, I was thinking Rottie too and, just last night, someone mentioned Mastiff to me. Whatever they are, they're the super gentlest, sweetest pups!

Originally Posted by Stacer View Post
Holy crap they're cute! The one with the white spot looks like it coulda been Skylar as a puppy. Do you know what mix that one is? We're forever trying to guess Skylar' mix.
We're still guessing too Stacer (great to see you btw ). It would seem momma may have had a party as the boys look quite different from the girls .

Poppy, now Brooklyn, joined her new family yesterday afternoon. The kids all played hooky from school to welcome her home. I received an update this morning and she's doing great! She slept peacefully right through the night .

We brought Toby to his new home early this morning. He ran into the house giving everyone a turn with his kisses, including his big kitty sisters . What a sight.

Theo (now Gomo ) is still with us another two weeks. It would seem he doesn't even realize his siblings are gone. Nukka has taken over as his playmate and he follows her everywhere .

1. Brooklyn's goodbye nibbles .
2. Gomo and Toby's last snuggles (they managed to get cozy despite the collars).
3. Nukka and Gomo (love the names ).
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