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I forgot about the woodpeckers

All the eastern male woodpeckers have red on the head. The most common are the downy, the hairy, and the red-bellied (which doesn't have much of a red belly ). The pileated also has a red crest (that's the Woody Woodpecker type ) and the red-headed woodpecker (which migrates south for the winter from these parts) has a totally red head.

The hairy and the downy look pretty similar to each other but the hairy is half again as big as the downy. The hairy also has a proportionately longer bill than the downy does. The next two pics show the same suet feeder with two different female woodpeckers, one a downy, the second a hairy.

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Look at the bill size--the downy's bill is proportionately shorter. And although the absolute size of the downy's image is bigger, see how the bird is dwarfed by the suet cage? The hairy sort of wraps herself around the bottom of the suet cage. The downy looks like it could crawl into the feeder; the hairy wouldn't fit very easily

This last one is a red-bellied:
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