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Boxer and English Bulldog Head Shakes

Hello Everyone,

I see there is alot of discussion on dogs heads shaking back and forth (like parkinsons). I've had alot of experience with this with my bulldog and boxer. When your vet can rule out epilepsy (different type of shakes) try checking the "Blood Brain Barrier" with your vet. It's not a serious condition and nothing to get very worried about. It usually will go away when the dogs attention is turned towards something else - this may sound strange but try giving your dog a cookie (dog biscuit) or a bone to chew and it will stop as soon as the dogs attention is turned to something else. The first time I saw it I was shocked but after the vet explained to me why it was happening and that it wasn't anything to worry about we relaxed and so did the dogs. They pick up on everything we react to so the best reaction is no reaction and give your dog a cookie and it will go away. When there are no cookies in sight you can try giving them water or even sticking your finger in the side of their mouth will make them stop because their attention gets turned to something else - hope this helps (I hate seeing anything wrong with our beloved pets!)
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