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Originally Posted by Schwinn
I'll never forget the Daisy was curled with her nose under her butt, half-asleep. I heard her "go off", as it were, and she jerked her head up with a look of horror! I laughed at her for "crapping on herself" and told her it served her right for always letting loose on us (especially when I'm in the truck with her). She just sat up and blinked indignantly for about 15 minutes!
Lmsao! The first time Ciara farted it scared the mud outta her!...she ran around..tooting away, trying to escape the evil gasous cloud...of course stress brings it on more! After I picked myself up off of the floor I had to open windows! She has only farted twice more since, she is not like my Jesse at all, to Jesse, farting was an art!
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