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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
are turkeys considered "wild" birds? we have four that come a few times a day to feed with or without the deer, one tom (mature male), one jake (young male) and two hens (females). my one female has developed a limp and there isn't a thing I can do about it, she worries me and daily I check for her to make sure the wolves/coyotes haven't gotten her, but she is a very strong flier.
I for one consider them "wild"....for the last few years I noticed Turkeys crossing the road in front of our house, in the early fall I counted 13 crossing together, 1 tom, 2 hens and the rest were young ones, all in a line, very orderly ...I sure hope nothing happens to the one hen with the limp.

Do you know if it is usual for the young ones to hang around with the matures...if it is, I find it odd that you only have the one young one, I hope that nothing bad happened to the rest
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