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Question Non Siamese Cat With Fabric Eating Issue

I have a large male red/orange tabby who has no Siamese ancestry as far as I know, but also eats clothing and for some odd reason the straps on recycled shopping bags and at least one purse strap, too. I jokingly call him the only true omnivore, but its going beyond ridiculous...I got a handcrafted tote for Christmas and hung it up on a wall hook, and he still managed to chew off two of the ties on one side...I do have another cat, but they are both fixed, so I'm thinking that can't be an issue, or can it? I brought him home in 2006, he was already an adult and homeless, too. He did have a dog buddy but the dog and his owner moved over a year ago. He is a people kitty, but this is something I don't know how to solve...Other than moving to a larger place where I can have a dog buddy for him, is there anything else I can do? I am an artist/creative just starting a small business so a cat psychiatrist isn't in the cards....Oh, BTW, they both eat good cat food, too, so it probably isn't a food issue....
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