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It is funny...I have been away for a bit and I see this post!

My two walk side by side hunched over both staring at something I can't see...

My two will jump at walls out of nowhere...they will be walking by and just jump...

One night, maybe two weeks ago...Messina was sleeping on the loveseat...I was sitting on the sofa with Seth on the floor by the sofa and I was petting him...we were both watching TV when I saw a small black cat? "head" come out from under this cover I have draped over the loveseat arm (Messina was nowhere near it and still alseep)...Seth turned his head the same time I did and we both saw the cover move...he walked over to it...not hissing or anything, looked at it and walked away...

Messina just now came out of the crate I have in my office with her tail all bushy! Seth came in and they sniffed at each other...I have been sitting here maybe 20mins and had no idea she was in nothing, but for some reason her tail was all isn't usually...

There are MANY things in this world we do not know about...not really sure if I want to know either...
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