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Poor Jaida... she and Teddy are a matched pair for anaesthesia-delirium. It's always a shock because Teddy is always incredibly docile/relaxed by nature. Everyone who meets him wants a dog like him because even at 6 months old he was serene and almost "zen-like" in outlook. Anything else the vet has to do (nails, shots, rebandaging his ear, inspections, temperature-taking etc) he just freezes and stands very still and goes off into his own little world. His vets have always been amazed... so that's why seeing him post-surgery was such a shock!

The oncologist said they have to keep him for 2 days to ensure healing is ok and to feed him by IV until he is able to eat etc. I know it makes sense, but I will be in agony (!). I know it sounds crazy but I would even pay extra if I could just sleep on the floor beside him for those nights! They really should have special package deals at these clinics... I wouldn't mind bringing a sleepingbag! LOL
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