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Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!! I will check with my vet and see if she can refer to a clinic that does radiation and see if that is an option for him... If not then I will go forward with surgery... I guess my real uncertainty on that is... since it doesn't appear to be growing - do I monitor to see if it grows and then schedule surgery or just move forward with it immediately. If it stayed as it was, I don't see that it affects him in any way. And if it never got larger he might be able to live out his life without any issues.
It's that difficult dilemma - do you be proactive and aggressive with therapy or do you take a moderate approach... the moderate approach of course also has its issues (as he ages, anesthesia/surgery increases risks).

This site has been wonderful in giving me much comfort as I try to make a difficult decision. I am humbled that there are so many wonderful people out there that care... thank you again...
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