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Thanks for the suggestions so far.... Unfortunately that is the only oncologist in Toronto. I will see if my vet can refer me to someone at University of Guelph as that is the only place in the province that does radiation for dogs. Very difficult decision making... I feel like it haunts all my thoughts all day and all night... hard to concentrate on work or even feeling social... =-(

I think because I don't see any negative effects of this tumor and the fact that its technically benign... its hard to feel motivated to rush such an extreme surgery....

It seems like a painful procedure, and afterwards his tongue will be hanging out on one side without the tooth/jaw to keep it inside the mouth. I have no idea about drooling and/or the top canine having nothing to counter it down below.

I'm sure the anesthesia will be heavier for this - but the oncologist said it will probably take less than an hour to perform surgery. When he had his hematoma drained, he was at the vet for 3 hours and they said he came around from anesthesia faster than expected and he was crying hysterically and I could come get him early if I was able to watch him... which I did.... Does nothing to settle the nerves... He is a particularly emotionally needy dog and we are both exceptionally attached to each other... (he's my only dog).
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