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Hi everyone!

Our almost 19-year-old cat McGriff started acting "wobbly" today (I didn't notice it early enough to call our vet, will do so tomorrow). Initially I didn't think much of it as that happens on occasion, but as I observed him today I noticed that this was different. At times he will drag his left rear leg; other times he can walk, but wobbles. Mostly lies down (which again, is normal for his age).

He seems okay otherwise; he's eating, drinking, using the litter box (we use Tidy Cat Small Spaces clumping litter). No paleness on the gums/lips that I can notice and he doesn't appear lethargic. The weakness seems to come and go; he's been jumping up to his window seat tonight, I have a small set of kitty stairs next to my bed and he seems fine using those. It seems worse if he tries to get up from a lying-down position on the couch or bed (soft surface) or if he's been lying down for a while.

He did fall off the bed yesterday morning (went to roll over, rolled off the edge, bed is about 2 feet off the floor and he was able to grab onto the blanket and kinda slid down; I didn't actually see it happen), and yesterday I did find a turd right outside the box (that also happens on occasion so I'm not sure what the significance would be). The sudden onset of the leg weakness is just odd; he was perfectly fine last night.

I did notice last night that he seemed to be "itching" his left hind hip; I didn't see anything on or under the fur and he hasn't done that since.

Here's his list of conditions (poor guy):
Diabetes, controlled with insulin
Kidney problems, controlled with Prescription Diet k/d wet and dry (we also give chicken baby food and cooked runny egg yolk sparingly as a special treat) and sub-Q fluids 2x/week
Hyperthyroidism, he gets methimazole for that.

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