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I was just reading on the Country's finest source of info more about the situation at the THS, be it true or not ....this time I copied and pasted it, I'm surprised it hasn't been flagged already.


Date: 2010-01-21, 11:30PM EST
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Currently, there are at least 140 CATS who's ADOPTION TIME IS RUNNING OUT very quickly. If nobody steps up to save them and give them the love and shelter of a home that they deserve, then they will be joining the others who have already been killed for no other reason than to create more space in the shelter.

Any cats who are diabetic, FIV +, or geriatric are next on the OSPCA hit list and need your help to be bailed out! If anyone would like to help these special needs cats out, please go to the shelter and put in a request to foster or adopt so that their lives can be spared. This is over and above the140 cats currently up for adoption. Once the first round of 140 cats times are up, they will be killed and a new batch of hopeful cats will replace them. This cycle will continue until the numbers are down because of caring people adopting them OR because they are killed by the OSPCA.

While there has been some controversy over what is going on at the THS, there is something that we must not turn our backs on. That is the fact that all the animals currently at the shelter have been caught in the middle of an ugly battle that will cost many of them their lives.

As pet owners we know that we have a responsibility to provide for and love our pets. The unfortunate truth is that not all pet owners feel that strongly thus treating their pet as disposable property and then sometimes there are genuine circumstances that force a person/family to give up their pet. No matter what the reason, none of these amazing creatures asked to be placed in cages to sit and wait until someone chooses them to become the newest member of their family.

Now, these beautiful, innocent animals are sitting in there with a dark cloud looming overhead. They are waiting to be deemed adoptable. For those that are not, their lives have already or will soon come to an end. For those who are seen as adoptable, they get a little longer but, not months or weeks longer. These "adoptable" cats need homes quickly. They have maybe a week or so (estimate) to find their forever home before they are killed and a new cat takes their place and hopes that someone will come forward to save them from the same fate. Everyday cats are being killed as the OSPCA vets wander through picking and choosing at random who gets a chance at life and who has lost theirs.

I know that there are millions of cats in need of homes and it's hard sometimes to know which way to turn and who to help. Hopefully, you will consider saving a life that is in imminent danger of being snuffed out before their time. It's a very sad situation and one where none of these animals have asked to be in. It's not their fault. Don't let them pay the highest of prices. Please help them.

If you are strictly a dog lover (and do not want to open your home to a cat), your turn will come too to step up to the plate and save a life. ALL THE ANIMALS ARE AT RISK ... the value of their life is being weighed against their potential for adoption success ... right now they are measuring the value of the cats as they are the highest volume taking up space. When the cats are finished, the dogs will be next and the list will go on. Again, please save a life, give a home to a deserving creature in dire need. Better yet, rather than wait for each one to have their life on a "timer", go now and "pre-save" a life.
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