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Cat scared by ghosts

I'm certain my cat Poppy saw a ghost or ghosts this morning. We got up as normal and I put out her breakfast to lots of mewing and fuss. I popped out to the garden and while I was there heard noises inside the house. When I went back in Poppy was nowhere to be seen, but I figured she was playing her normal morning games, running around the house. I finished making tea and called her and noticed she hadn't touched her food which was unusual.

I went upstairs and she was hiding under my bed. I was worried she might be sick as she was very quiet and she is normally very vocal, so I dangled her favourite toy about and she played with it, so I thought she must be OK.

But she wouldn't come out from under the bed. It took a lot of coaxing to get her out and when i did her tail was all bushed up and her pupils were huge. I picked her up and she clung to me so tight, moreso as I went downstairs. When we got to the lounge she was definitely staring at something at the far end her head bobbing about as she watched it and I could see how frightened she was.

I put her down and she slowly stalked to the other end of the room, focussed on something I couldn't see. She hid under the sofa for a bit, then appeared at the end, standing on her hind legs peeping over the arm and still staring. I was very freaked out by this time and spoke out loud, telling whatever it was to get out of my house and stop scaring my cat!

She seemed a bit calmer after this but still very wary and on edge. She has never acted this way before, not even around other cats. I had to leave to go to work but hated leaving her alone.

Hopefully she will be back to her usual self this evening.
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